Frequently Asked Questions

How to make / edit folders?

On the left side of the screen with the folder structure section you can right click or use the '...' to display the context menu. (Same can be done with the files.) If you want to create a new folder, simple. Right click (or use the menu) and press New folder on the parent item you want to create a child folder for.

You have to specify the name, the color, the visibility (public or not) and the items expiration time (days).

You can edit or delete folders in the same context menu.

What is the Folder items expiration?

Inside this folder every uploaded file is going to expire in set days (from the time of upload).

How to upload a file?

Simply drag'n'drop a file or use the upload button on the bottom right side of the screen.

How to manage a file?

Right click (or "..." menu) and Edit or you can double click.

Can I select multiple files?

Yes, you can! Click on the file to select it.

Do you have a list of all your shortcodes?

Here’s the list of our shortcodes:

[ easy-docs file="1" ] if you want to show the file or files (comma separated).

[ easy-docs folder="1" ] if you want to show the list of files inside the selected folder.

[ easy-docs folder="1" children="TRUE" ] if you want to show the list of files and folders inside the selected folder.

To order the list, simply add an "order" attribute:

[ easy-docs folder="1" children="TRUE" order="ASC"]

You can generate these shortcodes using the context menu or if you selected multiple files the Generate shortcode button.